We are 6ty6

The town of Niseko rests in the western part of Hokkaido, the northern gem of Japan.
6ty6 is an apparel shop neatly tucked away in the woods of Niseko.
We have a selection of unique items you cannot find anywhere else. We have exclusive and trendy outdoor apparel for your trips, snowboards for you to enjoy the slopes on, Scandinavian style tableware for northern dining experiences, and souvenirs to remember your adventure.
Inside the store, we have furniture and appliances made by our featured craftsman using locally sourced wood.

Interview with
furniture maker Shinichi Kudo

At our cafe, you can find coffee and juice to refresh yourselves with, as well as light meals for your active lifestyle. We also have an excellent selection of featured local beers.
Japanese owner, Mizuguchi, has an abundance of knowledge on the area that he is happy to share with curious guests.

People come from all over the world to see the "snow-covered mountain" they have heard so much about.
Our mission is to bring something new to the world and to connect ourselves more deeply with the natural wonders in Niseko. And, of course, to share these wonders with others.
6ty6 is a winter sporting goods and merchandise shop that also serves the community as a local meetup spot for tourists and locals alike, regardless of nationality.
We aim to be the place to see in Niseko.

Tomo Mizoguchi

Originally from Kyoto, he became enthralled with snowy climates at the age of 20. He had a keen interest in foreign countries too at the time, and he took an extended six-month journey across the Eurasian continent. After working as an instructor and ski guide all over the world, he opened the doors to 6ty6 at Niseko Annupuri in 2018. During his adventurous life, he has worked in Singapore, China, and the Philippines.